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Typical /1on1 rules, just like you would use in Duelmania.

Map pool:

and if you need tie-breaker, its DM6

All matches are BO3, except for the following BO5 matches:
WB Finals
4th Place match
3rd Place match
Grand Finals.

Single-elimination for now. Double-elimination if a lot of ppl sign up or if everybody wants it :)

Walkovers will be given against players from whom I have heard nothing. You can find me at irc.quakenet #qwrookie, my nick starts with \phil\

== If you are confused how to pick a server: ==

Since there are players representing many different nations in this tourney, be prepared to play with higher ping than you're used to.

In general the game can be played on any server both players agree to play on. The admins insist that the players' server-choice is done with common sense and that pings are kept as low as possible.

However if the players don't agree, the server is determined by the following procedure:
1. Both players have to show their lowest possible ping they can get on 1on1 servers.
2. After that a server has to be found where both players get a ping which is about the same amount higher than their lowest possible ping. A ping difference of ~13ms is never considered to be too high.

A list of servers can be found on in the 'Servers' section. This list only provides a base of servers which you are free to use. You can of course use other servers as well.

If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final.

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