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Finals are upon us
[!phil - 2008-09-04 09:45:15]
Currently the following finals are set as a Best Of Five match:

WB7: Winner Bracket Finals: BEST OF 5

LB12: Lower Bracket Finals aka Third Place Match: BEST OF 5

GF1: Grand Finals BEST OF 5

GF2: Grand Finals tie-break (if necessary) BEST OF 5

The other games remaining (in lower bracket) are bo3.

Players may appeal the Grand Finals to be from two BO5 to two BO3, but they must contact me to do so.
Getting stronger
[!phil - 2008-08-11 09:51:46]
The tourney is trucking along quite nicely. I have had to give out more than one mass-batch of W.O.s, mostly in the lower bracket, which is why I wanted a smaller amount of people in the first place. But it is all good, I guess it is worth to give out 9 w.o. as long as the tenth person does honestly want to play.

I was on vacation all last week so maybe the adminning has been slacking a bit. The iron fist W.O. will return however, so if you have scheduled an over-due game with someone let me know.

DM6 Tourney Signups Open
[!phil - 2008-07-09 08:27:28]
With the success of ZTNDM3 Showdown, and some positive preliminary polling, I have decided to open the sign ups for DM6 tourney.

I would rather have 16 dedicated high quality sign-ups than 128 people half of whom will not play and get w.o.

So sign up if you really like DM6, or really want to learn DM6 from the pros in a tournament settings!

(I will try and figure out how to make the DM6 tourney have a DM6 style skin... right now its left over from the Ztndm3 skin ...)

(To visit the ztndm3 site, click here:
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