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2 - 3
Map: dm4
er 6 - 17 lordlame

comment by lordlame
Got RA spawn and played very tight - this was a very tough game and I was lucky on several occasions
Map: aerowalk
er 13 - 9 lordlame

comment by lordlame
I held back again here, especially in the first 2 minutes and played very cautiously - er was in control for most of the game, wp
Map: bravado
er 16 - 23 lordlame

comment by lordlame
I was pretty much spooked after the dm4 game and needed a certain win so I went with Bravado - er surprised me here as I didn't think he knew the map that well

I went into my shell very early and it nearly cost me the game
Map: dm2
er 8 - 4 lordlame

comment by lordlame
Classic dm2 - two overtimes, I had the lead on several occasions and I really should of kept it

When he went +1 up in the overtime, there was no way that I was going to catch him
Map: dm6
er -1 - 20 lordlame

comment by lordlame
We tossed from the 7 maps again,

er tossed monsoon
I tossed ztn
er tossed dm4
i tossed aero
er tossed dm6
and I tossed dm2

Which left us with Bravado. I would of played Bravado again but we opted to play dm6 instead

DM6 is DM6 - I got RA spawn and he got MH - I ended up losing my RA and swapping it for MH ..

With some luck er misfired his LG with SG and that cost him the game

ggs er and wp
[lb - Round 4 - Match 3]
submitted: 2017-12-03 16:12:56 by lordlame
confirmed: 2017-12-03 16:22:25 by 23y
#1 er ( 2017-12-03 17:01:07
ggs - was fun for sure
5th dm6 duel from my end in last two years - forgot how punishing this map is, LL was kind enough to refresh my memory =)
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