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3 - 1
Map: dm4
Macisum 14 - 33 Fred

comment by Macisum
I got outplayed, and fed way to many frags, dm4.. wp to greco :)
Map: aerowalk
Macisum 16 - 7 Fred

comment by Macisum
Really tight and tactical aerowalk match with control shifting back and forth, but I managed to get more frags when in control and could therefore slow the game down even further in the end. I thought I would have a better hand of aerowalk as it is my most played map, but greco played it well and managed to keep it tight.
Map: ztndm3
Macisum 42 - 6 Fred

comment by Macisum
Quite comfortable win for me, managed to rack up a lot of frags when in control, and stay out of sight when out of it. Score doesn't represent the game though, as it was a fight the first few minutes.
Map: bravado
Macisum 48 - 7 Fred

comment by Macisum
Seems like I've played this map more than greco has.

GGS and gl further to greco, wp!
[wb - Round 2 - Match 4]
submitted: 2017-11-14 16:01:58 by Macisum
confirmed: 2017-11-14 16:08:40 by VVD
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