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Season 9: sign ups open!
[VVD - 2017-10-28 21:30:09]
Allowed maps this season are:
  • Main map pool: AEROWALK, BRAVADO, DM4, MONSOON and ZTNDM3;
  • Additional map pool: DM2 and DM6.

  • Before 1st game every player MUST pick what map pool he want play: only Main (5 maps) or with Additional maps (7 maps). One pick for all tournament - not for each game! By default the map pool for all players is Main.
    If both players want play Additional maps, then map pool for game is all 7 maps. But if at least one player pick only Main map pool, then map pool for game is Main map pool (5 maps) only.
    If somebody pick Main map pool only, but reported game with maps from Addition map pool, then these maps will be removed and players MUST play other maps instead to finish game.

    Write comment here with what map pool you pick. For example look at my 1st comment.

    You can download map monsoon here monsoon map, lit and loc or here monsoon map, lit, loc and textures.
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