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3 - 1
Map: dm6
!phil 14 - 9 gliss

comment by !phil
my pick, don't remember much, was on autopilot here mostly
Map: aerowalk
!phil 8 - 16 gliss

comment by !phil
gliss pick, I actually made it close but then lost some key fights
Map: ztndm3
!phil 23 - 2 gliss

comment by !phil
my pick, felt very safe here
Map: dm4
!phil 25 - 16 gliss

comment by !phil
gliss pick, this one was like aero, but in reverse. gliss made it close but in the end I pulled it out with some run, forest, run!

ggs and wp gliss, and congrats for not dropping a single aerowalk!
[gf - Round 1 - Match 1]
submitted: 2013-04-15 19:43:55 by !phil
confirmed: 2013-04-15 19:44:20 by !phil
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