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2 - 3
Map: dm2
dsharp3 3 - 6 Drake

comment by Drake
His map. This was very close and very nervous. I couldn't read him most of the time and got rather lucky towards the end.
Map: ztndm3
dsharp3 22 - 18 Drake

comment by Drake
My map. Another NDE for me. dsharp3 got very good start here and it was something like 12:-1 until I made a bit of a comeback and then it was back and forth. Here I noticed that he was very, very aggressive. I wasn't prepared for that at all and even raged a bit. WP!
Map: aerowalk
dsharp3 17 - 16 Drake

comment by Drake
His map. Close, but not close enough. Again, I had no answer to his +forward and even more to his very good spam control of the map. He was pressing in wrong situations, but it was paying off and it constantly threw me off balance, especially since I got so many spam rockets and nades in my face. WP!
Map: dm6
dsharp3 11 - 24 Drake

comment by Drake
My map. This was the most logical choice for me since it's really hard to do anything out of control here. I fucked it up actually, letting dsharp3 grab LG far more times than I should have, but in the end was feeling pretty sure about the outcome.
Map: dm4
dsharp3 18 - 26 Drake

comment by Drake
Tossing everything else we came up with this. IMO this choice decided who goes through as dm4 really suited me better. I played very ugly here, camping a lot, playing the hardest +back possible ). It payed off but was far closer than I'd prefer, especially given the overdefensive way I've chosen...
Anyway, GGS and WP dsharp3! I really had no answer to your aggression most of the time and that's a valuable lesson for me.
P.S. I also forgot to enable my violet duel r_drawflat 1 for some reason :D Well, no difference anyway
[lb - Round 5 - Match 1]
submitted: 2013-04-08 16:23:35 by Drake
confirmed: 2013-04-08 19:06:25 by VVD
#1 dsharp3 ( 2013-04-08 19:25:44
GG man close games was fun :D
#2 Drake ( 2013-04-09 01:24:15
yeah, also sorry for crap screenshots, I changed graphics (also gl_detail 1) so every screenshot was like 1,5mb. It didn't want to upload 5 of them in the end :/
#3 Snow ( 2013-04-09 05:10:15
o yeah... i have to play again :)
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